Mens Hairstyles and Mustaches with C4D: Add and Style Eyebrows

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Add eyebrows to a male character.

Grow and style eyebrows on a male character with Cinema 4D’s Hair Object.

Eric Reed is a CG Specialist with Hive-FX, a Portland, OR-based VFX studio. Hive-FX made a name for itself creating gruesome effects for the TV series Grimm on NBC. In that process, they've mastered all sorts of ways of turning people into monsters, including the use of Cinema 4D Hair. Other clients include Nike, Razorfish, Empire Green Creative, Wieden and Kennedy, Riddell and Microsoft.



- In the previous video, we finished this guy's mustache. In this video, we're going to give him eyebrows. Okay, let's get started. Again let's start with the poly selection. Let's add guides. Just a general placement will work. We also need to rename our object and our material. Once that's done, let's work on the thickness. This time with the thickness, because people don't cut their eyebrows, they actually do have a taper. Let's add this in. Select our first point and go to point types and hit soft. Adjust the bezier and bring the point down to the end. Let's sharpen it a bit. Let's see what these actually look like. See how they turn into a needlepoint? That's what we want. Okay, now let's use the scale tool and scale the guides down a little bit for the brows. Once that's done, let's use the brush tool and lets shape these. When we look at human eyebrows, the tops are usually pointed down, but the bottom's usually pointing up and so is the center. So let's try and mimic this look. Okay, once that's done, I like to have all my hair objects together. And we also need to rename our selection tag. After that, let's paint our map. Let's grab our material and let's create a new texture. Okay, now let's save our texture as a jpeg and name it "browsmap." Once that's done, let's turn on density and let's apply our browsmap. Let's see how that looks. Remember, we need to turn on polygon area with the roots. Okay, that's looking all right. Let's also apply it to the thickness now. It blends in just a little bit nicer. Let's also add some kink. Let's try 8%. Let's also add some clump, .5 and .25 for the radius and variation. Let's adjust these guides a little bit. They look a little harsh. Let's use the rotate tool. Now, let's mirror the selection. Again, not all roots applied so let's set the roots. Hit apply. Okay, now we have eyebrows. Let's adjust the specular. Same settings, 20 and 250. Just bring this down to 20. Let's also increase the thickness a little. Because we have the map, we need to offset it slightly. Let's try .05. That looks pretty good. Let's give him a little bit more brow hair. Let's try 7000. Okay, let's give some more length variation. Let's see what he looks like. Thanks for watching. I hope this tutorial was helpful.
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