Creating a MoGraph Sports Intro Animatic: Animating the Logo capsule

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In this video, we’ll use mograph effectors to animate the logo capsule elements flying past the camera into the scene.

In this video, we’ll use three mograph effectors and some falloff to animate the logo element flying into the scene. Using a combination of falloffs and strengths we can animate all the elements using the same effectors.



Now, we're going to fly the logo capsule in with some MoGraph Effectors. To do that, I'm going to group this a little bit differently, real quick. I'm going to grab this Logo Capsule 02, and use that for my group. So I'm going to group him. This is going to be Logo Capsules Shapes, and then I'm going to grab the rest of these cubes and put those all on the group together. I'm also going to use [Jox] as a group, and this will be the Logo Capsule. I'm going to grab my crescents, my rail details, and my logo backer, and put those all in that group. Then, I'm going to Alt+click Fractures for both of those. Of course, rename the fractures. This is going to let us use MoGraph to animate this. So I'm going to back off on my right view. I'm going to select my fracture, and I'm going to create a Plane Effector. This is going to be Logo Mover Plane. I'll leave what type of effector it is sometimes on my file on my namings, so that way it'll be easier for me to tell one from another. So I don't want it to do anything in the Y. But I need to push it about -8,000 in Z, and that's going to get us back here to the beginning of the trench. We want this to fly by the camera right around here. So to do that, let's start moving it around 40. I'm actually going to keyframe in my effector the strength. So hit a strength keyframe right there around 40. Then, right as the camera is coming to a stop, we want to be coming to a stop. So around 150, we'll set that to zero, and that brings it all the way back up the Z-axis to where it started. I'm going to open my Curve Editor, and start out linearly. Within Ease, I'm going to strengthen that influence a little bit. So let's see how we did. Here it comes. It needs to fly by the camera a little sooner. So I'm going to start it a little sooner, and I will ease it in a little more. So now, you can see we're catching a glimpse right as we're up here. There it goes, shoosh. So now, that's flying in. But we don't want it to come in all as one chunk. We want to add a random to it, and then we can make it rotate as it's coming in. So we will select our Logo Capsule Shapes fracture, and we'll go ahead and add a Random MoGraph Effector. We'll call this "Logo Random". I'm not going to do any position. I'm going to do some rotation. Start out with 360 across the board. You can see it's all moving as one chunk. So if we come into the fracture and go to Explode Segments and Connect, that will break it up. We want this effector to fall off. So as you come from left to right in this view, the falloff will be there dropping the random value. So if we select this random, come over to Falloff, and change it to Linear in the positive Z, and we give ourselves about a 2,500 Z size, if we turn our Deformers on, you can see we have this Deformer Falloff. If we crank this all the way up to 100, what that's going to do is as soon as the Logo Shapes cross this end, the value starts just to drop. So now, it's working its way back to zero by the time it gets to here. That looks like we could move that a little bit over, because we want it to settle into its original rotation right as it comes to a halt. So even a little further. I'm not quite sure why it's doing this. But because I have these in a group, it keeps these two type backers in a line. I found if I just ungroup those, it makes this even more random. So I'm just going to ungroup it and delete that, and we'll just leave those shapes loose in this fracture. Also, in the Logo Random, if you click Indexed, that's going to randomize it a little bit more. Otherwise, it puts the same random value on all three axes. So let's kind of scrub through this. So we see the plays, and then we get a glimpse of the capsule. Then, the camera pans up to look at it settle into its final position. So that's looking pretty good. You can see we're intersecting with the belt here a little bit, so I'm going to add one more effector to this. That's going to be another plane, and this is going to be Logo Tweaks. I want to put this before the random in my Logo Shapes fracture. Then, I'm going to get rid of the transform. I'm going to activate Scale. I'm going to use Uniform, and I'm just going to scale these down a little bit. I think that might be enough to where we don't have to do anything else. So let's just play. So that's pretty good to start with, except we need falloff on this. Because you can see back here, they're still scaled down. So I want the same thing to happen with these logo tweaks. So in Falloff, change this to Linear. Give it another 2,500 in Z. Then, kind of move it out to where the logo mover is. You can see it scaled back up to its original size. So we might have to increase our original value, because with the falloff we're about halfway. So if we scale this down a little more, you get the same effect. But now, it falls off and scales back up as we near the end. Try not to get caught up in any of this process, because I've found that if I continue to tweak one little part, when I see the sequence as a whole, I never like that part anyway. So I waste a lot of time fine-tuning before I've seen the piece as a whole. So just get it close, and then we'll render out our previews. When we get it into Premiere, you can really take a look and see how it's working as an entire piece. So I want to get our capsule and our type following the same path. So here's our fracture. We want to keep this as a straight, one-piece chunk. Then, we want to add our mover, our tweaks, and our random to it. Now, this should just fall right into line. But I'd like the capsule to come in last. To do that, we can just over-crank the mover. What that does is it pushes this further back than we originally asked for. That means it will kind of trail the rest of this stuff. I don't really want it spinning that much. So I'm just going to drop some of the Logo Random value. So now, as it comes in, it's going to come in later and with less rotation. A similar thing with the type. I want to go to the letters, because I want the letters to all come in separately and we want the logo mover in this order, plane, tweaks, and random. Let's make sure we have it like that in all of them. Yep. So now, when we watch, those letters should all do the same thing. Except, we need to over-crank the mover. I'm going to select both pieces of type to get that there. I'm just going to leave the random rotation the same on those. So let's play that. Okay. It's playing pretty slow. If you turn off all frames, it's going to skip a lot of frames. Over here, again, is where that was. So we'll be skipping frames now, but we'll get closer to the real time speed. So as you can see, it's much faster. So that's our basic move. I'm not super-happy with it yet. Like I feel like this is all coming in too slowly. Which we can play around with a couple curves in here and see if we can get that to a better place. So let's just ease less on the logo mover. So that way it doesn't come to quite such a slow stop.
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