4 Ways to Quickly Toggle between Recent Tools in Cinema 4D

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Toggle between Selection and Manipulation Tools, or Select from the Last 8 Tools Used.

Cinema 4D offers a few ways to quickly access the tool you need, which are particularly handy when modeling. Use the Spacebar to toggle between the most recent selection and manipulation tool, or access the last 8 tools used from the Active Tool palette. This dynamic palette normally appears just to the right of the move, scale and rotate tools, but you can also access it via the HUD or dock it as a custom palette anywhere in your Cinema 4D interface.



Cinema 4D offers a few different ways to quickly toggle between active tools and that can really speed up your work flow, particularly when modeling. And the first way is that you can quickly toggle between the most recent selection tool and most recent manipulation tool simply by hitting the spacebar. You can see that we're switching quickly between the live selection tool and the move tool, or if we switch into something like the extrude tool, I can hit spacebar to switch between extrude and the live selection tool. Now you may have also noticed at the same time that another icon is flashing up here in the top palette, and this is the recently used tools palette. This gives you quick access to the last eight tools that you utilized in this document. So, that makes it really fast to get to the various tools. I actually like accessing this list in the hud. You can enable this by hitting shift, V and in the hud tab of the viewport settings, just make sure that the active tool option is checked. And now you can actually get this same drop down right in the viewport and if you control, drag you can put that wherever you'd like in your view. One last thing that's really handy is, you can actually tear this palette off. I'm going to tear it off and dock it into my interface. Let's put it right there. And now I can quickly access all of these tools simply right here from a custom palette. So this is just one of the ways that Cinema 4D makes it easy to access the tools you need and why it's my favorite toolbox for 3D animation. If you enjoyed this quick tip, please like, share, and visit cineversity.com for more great tutorials and resources.
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