Logo Reveal - Character Animation Using MoGraph: Introduction

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  • Duration: 01:14
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  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a Carrot Bouncing animation using a combination of MoGraph and a handful of Cinema 4D techniques, in order to achieve an organic, logo reveal.

In case you’re not familiar with some of the techniques we will use, please watch the following Cineversity Videos.
Here are the fundamental techniques we will use across this series:

a. MoGraph Cloner Blending Mode, and How to Use Effectors to blend between Cloned Objects.
Use Cloner Blend Mode to Create Intermediate Clones Between Two Objects
Use MoGraph Effectors to Control Cloner Blend Mode
Generating Number Sequences Using MoGraph

b. Squash and Stretch Deformer
Squash and Stretch Deformer, Release 10.5
What is Squash and Stretch?

c. Using Weight Transform to Randomize a MoGraph Animation
Using Weight Transform to Randomize a MoGraph Animation