Symmetry Selection?
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Is it possible to have a symmetry selection in C4D?

Upon research, there is a coffee script named Natural Selection?
I understand it is not yet ported to python? But is it possible to look at the script? Where can I download it?
As mentioned here:

I tried the Parametric Selection Tag. It’s powerful but falls short for a user input. For instance, I want to select a specific left polygon, the symmetry won’t work and does not select the corresponding right polygon.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you

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Hi Ben,

I found a ‘workaround’ for the CV-Parametric-Selection. Please have a look at the screen capture:


Typically symmetrical objects are done with the Symmetry Object, and then the Selections are directly given. I assume you have worked differently.

A default Symmetry selection: Not to my knowledge, even VAMP has some functionality, but it is not as precise as I wish it would be.
1. Yes, C.O.F.F.E.E. is no longer an option.
2. The symmetry works fine, but only for settings done inside of the plugin. Except: you use the Boole Field!

If the script is available is in the hands of the author, since you wrote in the specific thread already, it is already addressed correctly.
Since I research every question as much as possible (everything changes at one point), I found this script/plugin via Google.
Perhaps he has something in the works.



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