Collision deformer slow performance
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I am getting .1 FPS when using collision deformer with cloner.

Here is the file:

Even when I turn off push apart effector and reduce the clones dramatically I am still getting 4 Fps making it horribly slow in the viewport.

How can I make this faster?

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Hi zulu85,

If you have set a sphere to 500 Segments, which results in 200,000 “polygons” each of it needs to be calculated with the Cloners output in terms of collision, each frame. I’m not surprised that it is slow.

Lower that number and use a Subdivision Surface to get close to the shape you are after. Anything else is mainly based on the computing power you have. I’m not certain if a polygon sphere (made editable) and a Point Cache would really help here, that is up to you to test.

Have you tried to get your result with Volume [R20}

Scene file

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