creating object from geometry
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I’m trying to duplicate the “sample” object attached.  I’ve created the sphere and presently using an atom array, but I don’t have the option to have a squared edge on the surfaces?  Is there anther way to get that shape?

I tried to attach the C4D project but it wouldn’t let me?


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Hi Tom,

Please have a look at the screen capture below.

Scene file

I mentioned to use the Create Caps only once per object, as otherwise it creates internal polygons, which can cause trouble. You can of course use it many times per object if applied to separate areas each time.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

The way a C4D file can be attached, up to a certain size, is by “zipping” it. After it is compressed as “.zip” file, most of the time it can be attached.
We suggest to use Dropbox. If that is not an option, I can provide an upload link. I do not really prefer “new” cloud option from companies I haven’t heart from, as I do not know what danger they could introduce. If I have to agree to a cookie with those newcomers, I’m certainly not in.


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