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Hi Cineversity,

I have an animation project that uses MoGraph Text (Gotham Black), no effectors. I would like to render it through my render farm.

When using the render farm, I discovered the font defaults to an aerial font. My IT dept. installed the font in the render farm.

In the Build Option - I cached/bake the font layer using MoGraph Cache. I exported the cache to file.

I copied the folder into my render farm cache drive.

In the “Playback” Option, when I try and “load cache from file”, it is loading only the 1st “mog”

Can you please help me figure out what steps I’m missing?

Thank you!

C4dR19, OS X Yosemite

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For these IT-based questions, please check with the support, as they have all kind of set-ups tested and plenty of Network-Render-Experience.

I’m not clear at this point what you are caching, or try to cache. The font is not part of the cache.
Anyway, please add this to the Support ticket, as I can’t make sense out of its (R19) behavior at the moment.

As a side note, if there are no Effectors involved, can you just select the MoText and press the C button? (… preferably with a copy, while the original is then inactive [red X])

All the best


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