How long should it take to bake an object?
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I have connected all of my objects to a single object, giving me a single model with 3,062,829 polygons and 25 textures. I click on Objects > Bake Object…

My settings are Single Texture (checked), Replace Objects (checked), Supersampling 0, Pixel Border 2, Width 1024, Height 1024, Format PNG, Color Depth 8 bits per channel, and I’m saving it to my local drive.

When I click Bake, it takes forever. I stopped the process after 2 hours and received a “Not enough memory” warning. In the status monitor in the lower left, the green bar gets about 25% done and it says “Remapping groups…” and nothing else happens.

My computer is a Mac Pro 2013 with 64 GB memory and an Intel Xeon X5 2.7 GHz 12-core processor.

I’m using C4D R18.057 Studio (Build RB203954).

Is this amount of time normal, or should it be going faster but there’s some kind of error happening?


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Hi jasonsone,

Have you tried to just bake the texture, since the model is already merged? This would split the area where to search into to groups. Pixels vs Polygons.

I’m not certain if I can follow here (not to sound critical…), you have three million polygons, but only around a million pixels? Perhaps it would work out much faster with polygon reduction first. I guess the textures you have originally in use rendered fine, and are not large either. Since the resulting is just 1K wide/high, the used textures could be also optimized.

Anyway, the Bake Object process shows here up as a single processor work.

I did a test with a dummy with 3,375,000 polygons, and while I typed the text above and checked the activity monitor, it was already done, 4ghz iMac/ 32GB memory. So I missed the time it took, but I guess that answers your question.

I tried R18 and R19, both obviously in the minutes range.

Since this is not a technical support forum, you might check with the support:

My best wishes


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