NAB 2017 Rewind - Matt Milstead: Motion Tracking with Cinema 4D

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Matt Milstead from BroGraph explains the best ways to using the Motion Tracker in Cinema 4D. Through a variety of different projects, Matt will guide you through the techniques he's used for creating physically accurate measurements to use in the Motion Tracker, as well as how to create a proper HDR on set for realistic lighting and reflections to achieve maximum realism. In addition use of the Position and Vector Constraint tags, as well as the Motion Tracker Graph, will be explained to help you in achieving rock solid tracking results. At the end, Matt will show you how to combine techniques using the motion tracker and camera projection to create an anamorphic logo reveal.

06:14Recreating the UI
11:37Motion Tracking
14:19Manual Tracking
15:50Position Contraint tag
17:32External Compositing tag
20:18measuring set distances with drone
20:34Creating HDR 360 image on set
22:51Lens Distortion tool
26:022D Auto Tracking
28:45Motion Tracker Graph View
30:28Run 3D Solver
31:03Position Constraint Tag
31:27Vector Contraint Tag
33:12Octane Renderer
35:33Render Instances
39:53Modelling for Camera Projection Mapping
43:40Projection Camera and Camera Mapping
47:39After Effects Compositing

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