NAB 2017 Rewind - Julia Siemon: Character Tools for 3D Motion Graphic

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Designer, animator, and director Julia Siemon shares how she uses Cinema 4D to create compelling character animation. She begins her presentation with an cutscene excerpt from her upcoming VR project "Fragile Attraction". She follows this up by demonstrating how she created a dramatic moment in the piece with the help of the Voronoi Fracture and Cloth objects. Afterwards she breaks down how she used simple animation loops and the Motion Clip system to create a 30 sec character animation as a solo artist. Next she covers how to layer 2D animation on top of 3D animation with the Spline Shader. She closes out her presentation by demoing how she used the Takes System in a recent project for "Movado" in order to address client needs on the fly.

04:32Fragile Attraction
05:01Today's Topics
05:38Voronoi Fracture
10:05Distributing Fracture Points with a Gradient
14:52Animating with Motion Clips
21:50Reversing Motion Clips
24:09Animating Eyes with Spline Shader
34:30Movado Spot
36:09Adapting to Client Requests with Takes