Demystifying Series: C4D Lite for After Effects: Part 2

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Join the Maxon Training Team as Elly, Darrin and Chad help you integrate 3D in your After Effects projects. The techniques in these sessions are suitable for a wide range of applications, from indie artists and multidisciplinary teams to editors and motion graphics designers.

In this session Chad shows how to build a scene using splines (including sweeping and extruding), and Elly takes us through some of the motion graphics possibilities available inside of Cinema 4D Lite, plus how to take advantage of the fracture object and combine it with effectors and fields for some quick and fun MoGraph animations.

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:00 Q Which version to use
00:04:25 Links , PDF, T-Shirt
00:07:15 Mystic scene
00:10:10 __Sweep Gothic Arch
00:20:18 __Extrude Column
00:22:45 Q Point intersection
00:23:55 Q How to access Lite
00:28:10 PEEL effect intro
00:29:05 __Building PEEL
00:31:40 __Creating geometry
00:35:17 __Floor text cut out
00:37:53 __Creating peeling
00:47:57 Q Adjusting peel later
00:49:20 Can Lite scene animation
00:50:20 __ Can animation
01:02:30 __ Text Lite animation
01:06:23 Q Fracture hierarchy
01:07:55 Outlook Session 3
01:11:16 Outro

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