Demystifying Series: C4D Lite for After Effects: Part 1

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Join the Maxon Training Team as Elly, Darrin and Chad help you integrate 3D in your After Effects projects. The techniques in these sessions are suitable for a wide range of applications, from indie artists and multidisciplinary teams to editors and motion graphics designers.

We’ll share essential 3D workflows in Cinema 4D Lite, including importing 3D camera data into After Effects, compositing 3D passes and layers to take full control of your render results, and adding eye-catching animation using Cinema 4D’s MoGraph toolset, as well as demonstrating workflows between Lite and the full version of Cinema 4D, including the main differences between them.

00:23 Intro
07:00 Series overview
08:50 Q Where to start Lite
10:10 _Start Lite from Ae
12:00 CINEWARE Overview
14:00 Layers
16:35 Multipass
19:35 Q Layer multiple uses
22:50 Multipass [cont]
26:05 Q Save-refresh (C4D-Ae) 2. FromScratch
27:25 Q Building from scratch
28:25 Start Landscape Object
32:25 Sky Object, PBR, Asset Browser
33:25 Q Details about Asset Browser
37:45 Sky PBR HDR [cont]
40:00 Q Lite v Full
43:33 Landscape Material Blend [cont]
52:25 Billboard Monitor Asset
54:00 Volume Light (Fog)
57:00 Outlook for next sessions
58:00 Q Update Lite
58:45 Next episode
01:02:45 Outro
01:04:00 Q Darrin's Computer Specs

PBR = Physical Based Render
HDR = High Dynamic Range

Download project files from the Demystifying Post Production sessions:

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