Siggraph 2013 Rewind - Marc Potocnik: Lighting techniques for visualization and VFX

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Lighting Techniques for Visualization and VFX

This video combines three presentations of overlapping content by Marc Potocnik at Siggraph 2013. Marc demonstrates his techniques for lighting quickly without Global Illumination.

In the Bathroom project, Marc utilizes C4D's Area Lights, Lumas shader, and Ambient Occlusion in the Diffuse and Luminance channels to simulate GI in a fraction of the render time.

In Audi E-Fuels, Marc shows lighting and shading in a scientific visualization project, with creative uses of the Fresnel shader, Proximal shader and Displacer deformer.

In a VFX shot for the German TV series Alarm für Cobra 11, Marc shows how he composited an animated Maybach model with an existing plate.

In the Fraunhofer Tissue project, Marc shows another scientific visualization project, using a Noise shader to simulate the microscopic surface of tissue. A virus is rendered using the Fresnel, Lumas, Layer and Subsurface Scattering shaders.

In the Unter Freiem Himmel project, Marc demonstrates the visual effects lighting of a Subway Station, using the Cloner object to create arrays of lights. In this project, Marc shows how to overcome a limitation of the Lumas shader that causes it to multiply with distance by applying a Proximal shader and using Xpresso to modify the material of each object.

19:34Audi E-Fuels
34:16Alarm für Cobra 11 / Maybach
45:18Fraunhofer Tissue
60:57Unter Freiem Himmel - Subway Station
68:23Additional Projects

Recorded live at Siggraph 2013 in Anaheim, California.