VFX Side Quest | "Free Guy" Disintegration VFX Tutorial

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Instructor Jonas Pilz

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  • Duration: 13:46
  • Views: 1626
  • Made with Release: 9
  • Works with Release: 9 and greater

In this VFX Side Quest, Maxon Master Trainer Jonas Pilz, now also known as Action Movie Pilz, will show you how to re-create the disintegration effect from Ryan Reynolds’ new movie “Free Guy” using Cinema 4D, Redshift, Red Giant tools and After Effects!

First, you will learn how to track a live action plate and set up the disintegration effect using Fields and Effectors in Cinema 4D. Jonas will then guide you through the render setup using Redshift and finally comp everything together using Supercomp in After Effects.

Make sure to share your creation with us at @RedGiantNews and @MaxonVFX - we’re excited to see what you create!