NAB 2017 Rewind - EJ Hassenfratz: 3D: How to Make Cinema 4D an Invaluable Part of Your 2D Workflow

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EJ Hassenfratz, host of the motion graphics training site,, demonstrates the many ways Cinema 4D's diverse tools can be an invaluable asset in a 2D workflow. EJ breaks down some of his favorite tools and techniques that allow him to create 2D illustrative style animations in 3D. Topics covered are Sketch & Toon, Variation Shader, Squash and Stretch Deformer, Pose Morph and more.

01:45Demo Reel
04:23Creating Flat 2D Looks in Cinema 4D
14:18Creating cartoony clouds
20:17Creating the anmated data center buildings.
27:22Creating a more cartoony, cell shaded, anime look.
37:18Creating concert visuals for Deadmau5
44:39Using Ambient Occlusion for grainy surface effects on 2D scenes.