Move Face Capture Workflow
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I’m struggling to understand the workflow using the new Moves plug-in. I’ve looked at the built-in help and the limited videos on the plug-in.

Once I click the Create Morphs, then click Create All Morphs, I get a new face mesh with a pose morph tag. When I run the timeline, only the original imported capture mesh animates. Then I tried the Bake All command that made the new mesh stand alone, and the all the pose morph values change with the timeline, but nothing animates in the baked mesh.

What is the idea around applying these morphs to a face mesh?

The version of the plug-in is still 1.0 which makes me wonder if this is just an experiment plug-in, or is it still being developed for more capabilities? I hope it is. If it is in development, it would be nice if the morphs could be set to be compatible with FBX versions of DAZ-3D and iClone. A motion filter would be nice too.

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Hi brucek5,

Since each mesh is different, the Morphs (expressions) need to be set up newly for your own work/character. These new expressions will then be driven by the Xpresso set up.

I showed there several ways to implement the mesh into an existent figure.
Is that all ideal? I really don’t say that!

In one example, I show how to merge things:
To have the mesh from Moves by Maxon above the figure mesh (no face), then merge it and fill the gap, will leave the point index the same for the face. Then it works.

If you have suggestions, this is the way to go:

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