AMI 2014 Rewind: Eric Small, Day 02: Simple MoGraph Molecular Animation
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what is the step that you take after you select the clone object that actually causes the clones to appear?

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Hi kronkite,

I checked the video from start to finish, to get your question correctly. I’m not sure if I follow here.

You take a Cloner Object, and in the moment you place at least one object as child under it, it will be cloned, i.e., clones appear.

If that is not the answer to your question, please share the video’s time where you got stuck, and I will have another look in it.

All the best

Since R20 works rather with “Fields” than with “Weights”, I took the liberty to “translate” the two examples freely. Freely means here, that there are certainly many more variations possible.
Scene files
As a side note, the Multi Instances introduced in R20 will certainly supportive here.


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