Checking C4D Geometry for 3D Printing
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Hi Rick. 
Pretty newbie to 3d printing.

Would the following be a realistic workflow ? :

1 build a a character by using the new voxel volumebuilder and volumemesher.
2 make the mesh editable and extrude inwards with ’ create caps’  checked to make it watertight?

if so i will purchase a printer.


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Hi Powetri,

You might find it useful to find a 3D printing service and upload the file: there will be always a pre-check of the geometry. This might give you a good idea what works.

Yes, the new Volume/Voxel workflow should work fine, but:

Printers are very different in the way they produce the final result. To say “just place them in a Volume and done” is certainly not working most of the time. This has to do with the way the practical model is created. There are fluid, powder and filament based printers for example. My latest few prints were done in a powder based process and they worked very well.

Check the forums of the printer companies, you might safe some money based on the invested time there.

All the best


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