Set the Engine, Team Render and Cache Preferences for Substance in Cinema 4D

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Learn more about Substance in C4D Resolution and Caching Options.

There's some key preferences to understand when using Substances in Cinema 4D. The first and most important is the engine itself, and which technology is used to translate the Substance parameters into output textures. CPU-based SSE2 is cross-platform, but limited to 2k resolution. The GPU-based options including DirectX on Windows and OpenGL on Mac support output resolutions up to 8k. It's also important to keep in mind that each engine will create a slightly different output, so you'll need to ensure that all Team Render Clients use the same engine.

C4D also caches the output of Substances on disk to improve performance, and there's preferences to manage when caching is performed and what file format is used when caching.

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