Replace Materials in Cinema 4D with Alt/Option - Drag

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Easily combine and replace Cinema 4D Materials, and swap material presets

It's easy to combine and replace materials in Cinema 4D's Material Manager. Just Alt-Drag one Material over another, and all asssociated Texture Tag assignments will be updated automatically. You can drag materials directly from the Content Browser as well, and quickly preview different material presets within your Cinema 4D project.

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- You can easily replace materials in Cinema 4D with the Alt or Option key. Simply select the material that you want to keep and Alt+Drag over the material that you want to replace. Make sure the entire material preview is highlighted. When we release the mouse you'll see that all of the cream-colored cars now take the red paint, and all of the texture assignments on all those objects have been updated as well so that all of them use the same material. This is even cooler when we combine it with the content browser. If I switch into the content browser, I've searched here for various car paints. Let's go ahead and grab this brighter blue and replace the existing light blue here in the scene. Again, just Alt+Drag down over the material preview. Make sure the entire material preview is highlighted and release the mouse button, and now all of those materials are replaced. So this makes it easy to quickly preview various materials and how they'll look in the context of your scene and its lighting. If this step was useful, be sure to like, share, and visit for more great tutorials and resources.
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