New in R13: Rendering

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  • Made with Release: 13
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new Physical Render engine and enhanced shaders

CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Visualize and Studio Release 13 feature the new Physical Render engine, which offers unified sampling as well as accurate 3D depth-of-field and motion blur.

An all new Subsurface-scattering shader offers a much greater level of control and much more realistic results.

The Terrain Mask shader applies a gradient based on the altitude or slope of the geometry to which it�s applied.

The MoGraph Multishader offers an enhanced interface and new modes that allow you to easily create animated photo-mosaics.

The Brick Shader now allows textures to be used for bricks, gaps and dirt, and offers a rain option to smear the texture.

The Fresnel shader now offers the option to define a physical index of refraction.

The new Watermark Post Effect can be useful for tagging your renders with your own personal brand or managing test renders within a collaborative workflow.

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