NAB 2018 Rewind - Zachary Corzine: Learning Through Experimentation and Exploration with Cinema 4D

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  • Duration: 37:11
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In this NAB 2018 Rewind, Zachary Corzine presents several advanced Cinema 4D MoGraph techniques learned through exploration - techniques which he’s used in creating many of the outstanding animations he’s posted on his @zachdarren Instagram page.

Zachary demonstrates how the Follow Position and Rotation options in Cinema 4D’s Rigid-Body Dynamics can be used to create dynamic simulations that are art-directable with shaders and effectors. You’ll see how the Blend mode within the Cloner object makes it easy to transition objects between various states - from cube to sphere, from static to dynamic, and from metallic to glass.

This master class in C4D’s MoGraph toolset will inspire you to create your own outstanding animations through exploration.

02:38Shader-Driven Dynamics
09:35Coloring Clones with Octane's Mograph Color Node
13:07Adding Interest with Turbulence and Noise Falloff
16:21Effectors Triggering Dynamics
17:30Morphing between shapes with Cloner Blend mode and Modify Clone
20:16Transitioning Dynamic States with MoGraph Effectors
21:23Blending between materials with Octane Mix Material
23:28Adding Dynamic Forces
25:10Simulated Soft-Body Dynamics with Displace Deformer
27:24Blending Clone Deformations
31:22Source Falloff
33:28Procedural C4D Pong

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