NAB 2012 Rewind - Rob Garrott: Mograph and spline dynamics for science visualization

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MoGraph and Spline Dynamics for Science Viz - Rob Garrott of presents at NAB on April 18, 2012

Rob Garrott gives a peek through the microscope to see how he used MoGraph and Spline Dynamics to make a stylized influenza virus for a recent medical animation project.

In this presentation, Rob breaks down the entire process of creating a visualization of the Influenza virus for the National Institutes of Health. Rob begins by explaining pre-production activities such a script, storyboard, animatic and cameramatic. He demonstrates how CINEMA 4D's MoGraph tools and Spline Dynamics were used to model and animate the virus. Rob also breaks down the materials, including the use of Fresnel shading. Rob also covers the multi-pass setting and After Effects composite for the project. Finally, more detail on the MoGraph, Spline Wrap and Spline Dynamics rig is provided.

06:38Intro to the project
11:35Modeling the virus
16:45Texturing and Lighting
21:30Rendering and Comp
24:51More Rigging Detail

Microfloaties Rig for CINEMA 4D
Paint on Surface plugin

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