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Join our resident Maxon colorist and ICA instructor Maximus Raharjo, as he hosts a fortnightly grading show, showcasing looks, techniques, tips, settings, LUTs and workflows, designed to help you learn more about color correction and grading. Max will feature industry guests who will also share how they approach the grading process, providing invaluable production information, helping you to become a better colorist.

On this first session Max will be discussing film aesthetics. Join us as we explore the many different reasons why film creates such beautiful images. The more you understand film the more accurately you can reproduce the film look which you can incorporate in your next grading project.

00:10:56 Welcome
00:12:01 Introduction
00:15:05 AUDIO ISSUE (feel free to skip this part)
00:17:45 House keeping
00:20:38 Contact option
00:20:03 Requirements
00:21:45 iColorist
00:22:18 MOC format
00:22:55 Shotdeck
00:23:30 What is filmic
00:25:52 Cultural preferences
00:28:10 Film look
00:31:00 Celluloid
00:36:10 Color Science (
00:38:15 Emulating Film Look LUT
00:43:06 RG Magic Bullet Looks Film
00:49:32 Color and Film
00:57:01 Film Halation
01:05:05 DaVinci Halation
01:07:00 Film Grain
01:08:40 RG Magic Bullet Renoiser
01:15:05 Summary
01:16:32 Outro
01:18:34 Q
01:19:53 Contact for questions
01:20:40 Good bye

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