Max On Color | Color Bootcamp - Demystifying ACES with Cullen Kelly

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Joining us in this episode of Max On Color, colorist and image scientist Cullen Kelly shares his experience of the ACES Color Management framework. This is your chance to learn and interact with Cullen directly, find out more about ACES, and how you can incorporate it in your next color grading project.

Cullen Kelly is a Los Angeles-based senior colorist and image scientist with credits including the 2021 Oscar-nominated short film Feeling Through, series for Netflix and HBO, and brand work for Microsoft, Kellogg's, and Sephora. A thought leader in motion imaging, he shares his knowledge through his YouTube channel, writing and speaking engagements, and private consultation. He's also the creator of Colloid, a set of custom color grading tools used by many of the world’s top colorists and facilities. With a background in image science as well as the arts, he’s passionate about the intersection of the creative and technical, and its role in great visual storytelling.

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