Introduction To Redshift For Maya (Part 2)

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  • Duration: 43:52
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  • Made with Release: 9
  • Works with Release: 9 and greater

Welcome to the second part of the introduction video of Redshift for Maya. Redshift3D is a GPU-accelerated renderer currently available for Softimage and Maya (3DSMax version currently in alpha!)

00:16 Cameras
01:38 Lights (Physical+IES)
08:02 Lights (Projector Effects)
10:45 Lights (Domelight)
12:47 RS Architectural Shader (Reflection Layers)
18:20 RS Architectural Shader (Anisotropy)
19:49 RS Architectural Shader (Refraction)
22:58 RS Architectural Shader (Translucency)
24:23 RS Architectural Shader (Ambient Occlusion)
27:15 Bump/Normal Mapping
30:40 Visibility Options
33:26 Tessellation
39:14 Displacement

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