How to Create a Space Colony: Part 8 - Lanscape Textures

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In Part 8, Adam shows you some great techniques for texturing landscapes in Cinema 4D. You'll create realistic rock faces, grass, sand and water.
You'll use shaders in the alpha channel to control where the textures appear. For example, to restrict the rock face texture to the steep sides of the hills, you'll use the Falloff shader in the alpha channel. Adam also shows you some very useful techniques for getting small, seamless textures to work well over large areas. You'll use Noise shaders and the Layer shader in the Diffusion channel to help break up the colour and have more variation in the texture.
Once the textures are looking great, the next step in Part 9 will be to bake them!

Cinema 4D is 3D animation software that is used for all kinds of artwork. It is regarded as one of the easiest to use professional 3D applications that can handle any 3D task. Magic Preview plugin:

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