Demystifying Post-Production: Essential Motion Graphics: Redshift Lighting techniques

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Master Trainer Dustin Valkema walks us through Redshift lighting techniques. Dustin will show us his design process using Cinema 4D and Redshift, then take us into Photoshop to demonstrate time-saving methods to improve your final renders in post-production.

00:00:00 Welcome
00:35:00 Events
00:03:03 House-keeping
00:03:55 Today’s theme
00:05:30 Dustin’s work
00:07:58 Dustin’s C4D set-up
00:11:20 __ Standard lights
00:14:40 Q Work in scale
00:16:40 __ Refining the set up
00:17:14 __ Ambient light
00:18:40 __ Add HDRimage
00:21:44 __ one light at the time
00:23:54 Q Specs
00:24:28 Q Use of default set-ups
00:25:58 __ Keylight adjustment
00:27:08 Q Intensity v EV
00:30:05 Q Progressive v Bucket
00:34:36 Q Light color/temp
00:38:06 Q Photometric lights
00:39:22 Shotdeck -source of inspiration
00:40:20 __ Playing with “Gels”
00:43:35 Q Default Render Settings OpenEXR
00:44:18 Redshift 3D AOV
00:44:30 __ OpenEXR
00:45:27 __ EXRio (win) ProEXR (mac)
00:47:46 __ Setting up AOV
00:49:46 Q Do you use volumetric lights
00:50:53 Q Photoshop Multilayer AOV
00:52:59 Q Light or materials first
00:55:33 Q OpenEXR for AfterEffects plugin
00:55:56 Q OCIO/ACES in Cinema 4D, Ps, Ae
00:57:50 Q Octane v Redshift 3D
01:00:36 Q Jordan’s Image, which render
01:03:25 Summary
01:04:35 Events outlook
01:05:09 Thanks and bye
01:05:43 Where to leave questions later on

AOV = Arbitrary Output Variables
ACES = Academy Color Encoding System
Gels = Thin color filter
OCIO = OpenColor IO

Links mentioned in the session:
Link to EXR-IO:

Link to PRO EXR:

Link To The Shoe Rendering Tutorial In Octane:

Link To Shot Deck:

Download Dustin's project file and more resources from the Demystifying Post Production sessions:

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