CV-Parametric Selection Tag: Download and Install

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Download and Install CV-Parametric Selection Tag for use in future projects.

NOTE: This is a Python Expression Tag, not a plugin, and does not follow typical plugin installation procedure.

To Install CV-Parametric Selection Tag:
1. Click on the "Files" button above and download the .zip file.
2. Uncompress the .zip file.
3. Open the .c4d file contained inside.
4. You will need to download the .zip folder from Cineversity by clicking the "Files" button above. You will then need to extract the plugin before placing it in your plugins folder.
5. Right-click on the tag on the Null object and choose "Save Tag Preset"
6. Save the tag preset.

To Use:
1. Select polygon/generator object in the Object Manager.
2. Right-Click > Load Tag Preset > User > Tags > CV-Parametric Selection v1.0.0

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