Ask The Trainer: Foliage & trees in C4D and Trapcode

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Join the Maxon Training Team every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 8AM Pacific as they spend an hour answering live questions on Cinema 4D, Redshift and Red Giant, and (hopefully!) provide solutions to your creative conundrums.

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Special Guest! Seth Worley. Check out some of Seth's excellent work here:

00:00​ - intro
02:48​ - making Trees in C4D
21:42​ - deforming branches (using Random Effector as a deformer)
25:52- using the Ray Depth Parameter in Render Settings
29:25 - Brancher in Xparticles (for making trees)
30:00 - Creating VDB CLOUDS Part 1 X-Particles & Cinema 4D\
32:58 - Tree Sprites in Trapcode Form
37:59 - Making of Dino Feast with Seth Worley

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