20 Second Quicktip - Saving custom Looks from existing Magic Bullet Looks presets

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You can easily extract specific tools from the built-in Magic Bullet presets, and save them as custom Looks.

Remove any unwanted tools, and then click save preset from within Looks.

These presets can be shared across multiple hosts, both Mac and PC. Find the location on your computer using the link from the preferences menu.

Note: the tool featured in the tutorial is the Cosmo I tool, originally introduced in Looks 2.0. The newer version, Cosmo II is available as a stand-alone effect in Magic Bullet Suite.

TIP: you can rename and reorder presets from within the Looks interface.

TIP: when you add a custom LUT, that information is stored automatically within the Look preset, which means you don’t have to share the LUT with the assets when sharing project files.

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