NAB 2017 Rewind - Mike Schaeffer: Cinema 4D, From Design and Concept through Final Renders

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The Mill artist Mike Schaeffer guides us through a tour of The Mill's concept and design process to create high-end visuals. First Mike introduces us to the Blackbird; A custom virtual car The Mill created to use during film production shoots to create live motion tracks and realistic HDR maps for cars to be seemlessly composited in later in post. Mike then goes into what he calls the "Brain Setup" for designing with 3D, which is making a clear choice between concept development based on clients predetermined expectations versus experimental 3D, which is more of a iterative design approach. Mike then guides us into some projects he's done with The Mill, showing the original inspirations and references, and how they were incorporated throughout the project designs. First Mike shows off a piece he helped make for Ad Council, and demonstating how to model a desk chair using basic modeling and the sculpting tools. He then goes into the process for creating textures for objects that appear reems of paper used in the same piece. Mike then goes into a modeling discussion on the advantages of modeling things by hand versus using mesh generators, and the factors to weigh in when making these decisions. From here Mike shows us how to model a shield by hand within 3 minutes rather than using a traditional Extrude NURB. Mike then follows up with another project for a muesum, and shows how to quickly create support columns using the Sculpting tools and basic MoGraph. Finally Mike finished up with showing off a sports package piece The Mill created for the Hearthstone videogame, and demonstrates how he modeled some of it's logo elements.

02:30Blackbird - The World's First Virtual Car for live motion capturing CG cars in post production
07:38Brain setup - designing for 3D. Concept development versus Experimental 3 D
12:00Using references and inspirations when designing a piece
14:39Sculpting desk chair workflow breakdown
23:35Shader setup for stacks of papers
26:45Modeling tips to consider, Extrude NURBS versus modeling the geometry by hand, based on time, reflections, and camera distance
29:44Modeling Challenge. How to model the shield by hand in around 3 minutes
33:15Using references and inspirations when designing for Diego & Frida museum piece
36:50Modeling columns starting from a basic Cube Primitive, Sculpting tools, along with a MoGraph Cloner & Step Effector
40:00Using references and inspirations when designing for Hearthstone Sports Network piece
43:13Modeling breakdown for Hearthstone Sports Network logo
44:26How to model a wire fence using a Sweep NURB and MoGraph Cloner