Learning Nodes with XPRESSO - Mirror Deformer using XPRESSO

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A very useful skill, all users need, more or less, is the ability to read pseudocode (a simplified mathematical recipe) and be able to translate it into a functional workflow inside Cinema 4D. You can do this with XPRESSO or Python, but in this tutorial we will focus on former.
If you visit: http://robotsquids.blogspot.com/2014/10/spherical-mirror-tutorial.html> you will find the recipe to create a Spherical Mirror Deformer, and a very interesting Blog, with various details about the origin of the code and what it does.
In this Video, we will translate that Pseudocode into XPRESSO, and create a fully functional Spherical Mirror Deformer.
We will learn, amongst other things, how to convert various data types, normals and vector magnitudes, how to apply simple math operations, and how to loop (iterate) over the points of an object, so we can read and write the data.
To follow along, a basic understanding of C4D is required.