Demystifying Post-Production: Redshift Challenge, Week 1

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Join us for five exciting free sessions, every Monday in May , as the Maxon Training Team expand your Redshift knowledge by introducing you to new features and workflows, helping you create beautiful images, and render them faster!

But we need your help for this. In a fun and interactive series, our trainers are going to be sabotaged by you, the community! Each week, you will have the power to challenge the instructor by removing their ability to use a common tool in a normal workflow, forcing them to find creative workarounds to finalize their piece of work.

The idea behind this training series is to see how different artists work under pressure, and help you expand the tools you use in Redshift.

Join in the poll at the start of each week, and see Redshift experts Elly Wade, Dustin Valkema and Lionel Vicidomini share their creative process in real time. Watch them explore workarounds and find alternate innovative solutions, navigating the creative challenges set by you!