3D Extruded Title Design with After Effects: Series Overview

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Instructor Nick Harauz

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Learn how to work with the C4D renderer inside of After Effects.

In the following videos, you’ll follow along and create and design 3D extruded text inside of After Effects using the C4D renderer. After watching these videos, you'll feel comfortable working with the C4D renderer to extrude, light and animate your text. We’ll start by enabling the C4D renderer to gain access to geometry options, color it and add reflections, and finally animate it to add life to our composition. If you're curious to see how C4Ds renderer is integrated directly inside of After Effects then this series is for you!



Hi. I'm Nick Harauz of Creative 111, here to bring you an exciting tutorial on working with 3D extruded title design within After Effects, utilizing the Cinema 4D renderer. In the next few movies we're going to be looking at creating something like this. We're going to extrude some 3D text and shapes. We're going to work with After Effects as lights and cameras, create some reflections, work with environment layers, and last but not least, create some character by character animation using the built-in Text Animator. Join me as we set this up all inside of After Effects, courtesy of the Cinema 4D renderer.
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