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Architectural Visualization

Cinema 4D makes it possible to share life-like renderings of architectural structures that are still in the proposal and planning stages. These visualizations are an essential tool for sales and promotion.

Importing Architectural Models

While Cinema 4D can be used to model architectural environments, it is not a CAD program. These tutorial series will help you get your models out of your Architecture CAD program and into Cinema 4D as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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    ArchiCAD to Cinema 4D

    An overview of the workflow between Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD 18 and MAXON’s Cinema 4D. The series begins with the in-built exchange between the two programs, and then covers the same workflow using ArchiCAD’s exchange plugin.

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    Sketchup to Cinema 4D

    The Sketchup file import function added to Cinema 4D R17 allows for easy integration of your Sketchup model into Cinema 4D. This series covers groups, layers, cameras, materials, shadows and geolocation, how to update Cinema 4D files with modified content from Sketchup, faceted objects, text objects, and scaling objects.

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    Vectorworks to CINEMA 4D: Exchange Made Easy

    In this series Paul Amirault walks you through the process of getting your geometry from Vectorworks to CINEMA 4D. 

    If you have been working in Vectorworks and are looking to make the jump to C4D then you will want to watch this tutorial now.

Key Features

Despite being easy to use, Cinema 4D is a large and complex application. This section focuses in on those elements most important to the daily work of an architect.

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    Grass Shader

    3D grass can help to ground buildings in a shot.

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    House Builder Preset

    For simple interiors, the House Builder Preset allows you to skip your CAD program and get right to rendering.

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    Custom Sky

    You can accurately simulate the angle and brightness of the sun at any location at any time.


Want to create a good looking vizualization from start to finish? These projects fit the bill.

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    Render a Kitchen Concept in Virtual Reality

    VR allows potential buyers to inhabit homes that haven’t been built.

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    Photo-realistic Chairs

    Model, texture, and light this interior shot.

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    Victorian House Set Extension with Projection Man

    Take a few photographs of an existing structure, add an extension, and fly around it.


Live presentations from Trade Shows.

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    NAB 2016 Rewind - Robert Whiting: NVidia Iray and C4D for Architecture

    Robert Whiting of Hawthorne demonstrates how he uses Nvidia’s Iray Render Engine for Cinema 4D to previsualize events.