CV-SmartExport: Unity import problems
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I have an editable cylinder that includes an armature and am using particle simulators (Attractors) to bend and move the armature where I want it to go. CV-SmartExport seems to bake all elements properly in Cinema 4D, but when I import the model and animation into Unity as an FBX file, the mesh blends together and does not form as intended. Anyone run into this and have a fix for this?

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Hi closermo,

I can’t tell anything about the plug in development, but I try here to get some data, so the problem is solved faster, if possible. Perhaps PLA needs to be checked on, to get all the needed information into the FBX for Unity.

Just from an image, hard to tell. If you can share the scene file, that would be more helpful.

I just went from Cinema 4d via CV Smart Export to FBX, then merged this FBX into a new scene file to check the quality of the export, and then opened it in Unity. Of course no particles nor attractors, too many ways to employ them.

Scene files

Screen Capture

Perhaps this little test delivers already some usable hints for the next step.

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