CV-SmartExport:: naming and file override
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This plugin is a huge time saver for me, thanks a lot!

However it would be great if you could add some saving options to re-save already created files.
I am often switching between Unity and Cinema4d for whiteboxing a level. So a fast re-save of a fbx file would be great.

1. In the moment we cannot overwrite a selected file because “_export” is always appended (entire scene/selected)
An “Overwrite File” option would solve this.

2. With “Top Level Hierarchy” option you can actually re-save files but you need to re-type the prefix every time.
Put the prefix and save path into the plugin settings (similar to the cinema4d render settings) for one click re-save.

That would be real time savers in my opinion.


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Thanks for the suggestions - improving the overwrite capability is on the road map for v2 and I’ll definitely keep these in mind.

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I am really happy that cineversity started covering game development with C4D!