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View Uploading Tutorials to Cineversity

Uploading Videos (archived information, procedure no longer in use)

Open the Backend

  1. Login to the Cineversity backend by going to: [If you’re an author and don’t know this, contact: [email protected] ]

  2. From the top bar select: Publish > Tutorials.

Update the Tutorial Description

  1. Fill out the title.

  2. Clean up the URL.

  3. The URL will be generated automatically based on the title, double check that the URL has populated correctly, remove unwanted underscores and dashes, etc. The URL should be clean and readable.

  4. Enter the long description. Try to be as detailed as possible about what is covered in the tutorial.

  5. The search system on CV uses the title/short/long when it is finding videos, so the goal is to make the descriptions search friendly without just being a huge collection of keywords

Upload the Video

  1. Toward the bottom you will find a field called “upload video files”

  2. Click the little picture icon, this will open the upload dialog.

  3. Click on the “Upload” tab in the dialog, this will allow you to upload multiple files.

  4. Click on browse to locate the files and then upload to add them to our server. (make sure that you have changed the extension from .mov to .mp4)

  5. Once the upload has completed you can select the file you wish to link to the tutorial.

  6. When you have linked the video you can click the submit button to save the changes to the tutorial.

  7. After you have linked the file go to the row of tabs along the top, don’t worry about the date, we will change that.

Categorize the Video

  1. Categories should be selected, refer to the style guide for additional information on that - If you have questions please ask.

Make the Next Tutorial in the Series

  1. To create the other tutorials go to the “edit” menu at the top and choose “tutorials”

    1. this will display a list of tutorials on CV, you can use the filters to find the one you just created.

  2. If you take a look on the right hand side you will see a button called “clone” clicking this will create a duplicate of the tutorial.

    1. clicking the tutorial name will let you edit the cloned tutorial.

  3. Update the relevant areas, title, URL, Short / long description, and categories.

  4. To link a video click on the picture icon again to bring up the dialog, if you go to the browse tab you should see the video files you previously uploaded.

Folder structure

  Project File Name

  • Videos

    • File_name_with_no_spaces_tutorial_01.mp4

    • Fully_rendered_finished_product.mp4

  • Pictures

    • Good_screenshot_of_final_product.png

  • Assets

    • download_save_files_for_tutorials_01.zip

File Naming Convention

Again, if you have any questions please contact [email protected].