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Cineversity Tutorials

This will give you a clearer understanding of what types of tutorials we offer on Cineversity. We have content that fits into one of three categories: Tutorials, Resources, and Presentations.


Tutorials either fit into the subcategories of Project-Based (learning through the process of creating a project in Cinema 4D), Reference-Based (tutorials that cover features or techniques used in Cinema 4D), Presentations (watch an artist breakdown a project they’ve done with Cinema 4D) and Resources (download and learn how to utilize a preset, script, or plugin). Typically, except for presentations, a single tutorial lasts between 5-12 minutes long, with a clear milestone for each tutorial.

Project-Based Tutorials

Getting Started in CINEMA 4D

Project tutorials are tutorials that show you how to make a completed scene from start to finish. These tend to be our longest types of tutorial series. These range anywhere from 5 tutorials all the way past 20+, depending on the project.

Reference-Based Tutorials

Animated Text Effects

Technique tutorials deal with how to use different strategies and techniques to tackle certain hurdles or common problems within C4D. They tend to be very focused on a certain problem or technique, and they vary in length depending on the content. Something like text tutorials (above) can range from 2-3 tutorials, but techniques like modeling or rigging could take 10+ tutorials.


Resources fit into the subcategories of Scripts, Plugins, and Presets. Resources tend to focus on downloadable content, and the tutorials act as an overview on how to use them.


Python Scripting

Script resources usually are a “how to…” tutorials that show users how to write scripts within C4D. These tutorials flow more like projects, and build step by step how to write scripts within C4D.


CV ArtSmart

Plugin resources has third party content that you can install directly into CINEMA 4D. Plugins are similar to Presets, as the users can download the plugin, and the tutorials will show the users how to install and use of the plugin. These tend to be shorter tutorials, usually only 2-3 tutorials at most.


Presets are resources that include special groups of objects, rigs, etc. that we offer to people using Cineversity, and the tutorials show what they are and how to use them. We currently only have a couple of these types of tutorials, and hope to expand this in the future.


NAB 2013 Rewind

For those who do not have the opportunity to attend trade shows, we record the presentations by top Cinema 4D artists in the industry and later make them available on Cineversity. These presentations provide invaluable insight into the creative and technical workflow these artists use to realize noteworthy motion graphics and visual effects.

Reference-Based and Presentations

New in CINEMA 4D R15

New feature videos are another type of reference-based and presentation tutorial usually showing controls and processes added with new versions of CINEMA 4D. These tend to be one tutorial for each new feature introduced and are typically created in-house.

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