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Snapping is a tool that you can use to help you place elements such as points, edges, polygons, nulls, lights and so on into a scene with precision. You are probably familiar with the concept of snapping, as it is an essential component in any DCC (Digital Content Creation) application.  Given that, you have likely seen several different “flavors” of snapping, from “2D” snapping to “3D” snapping. In some cases, you may be snapping to a grid (visible or otherwise), pixels, or 3D elements like points and polygons and so on.

Snapping is essential for precise 3D model making.  Without the ability to interactively place elements in 3D space, you would be forced to resort to numeric entry, or worse, live with no precision at all.  Snapping may seem complicated, especially when presented with numerous “tuning” attributes often found in snapping tools.  Face it, we all know we just want the snap to “snap this thing to that thing,” but often its just not that simple. Hence those attributes, which are really aides to help the application do what you want it to do.  So, when faced with those tuning attributes, and confronted with snapping that’s not quite giving you what you want, best to read about what those attributes do, and then try them out.  After a few moments, you should get what you want.