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View Python: Including Classes

When creating a CINEMA 4D Python plugin, you can organize your project by placing certain classes in an external file. In this case, you must import the class file and create a subclass instance of the class.


First, instatiate the class in a separate file with the same name as the class (MyClass.py in this instance):


class MyClass():                          
    def __init__(self, name = 'KeyframeHandler'):   #The constructor with a required name parameter  
        self.name = name                  #Sets up the name parameter to work



In the main plugin file, add the plugin path and import the class:


import os
import sys

__currdir__ = os.path.dirname(__file__)
if __currdir__ not in sys.path:
    sys.path.insert(0, __currdir__)
from MyClass import MyClass


Now you can reference the class instance within your plugin methods:


    def Execute(self, tag, doc, op, bt, priority, flags):
        s = MyClass()         #Create an instance of the sub class..Which is also inheriting things from the external MyClass.py file
        print s.name      #Prints the default name parameter value that exists inside of the MyClass.py file                  
        return c4d.EXECUTIONRESULT_OK



Thanks to ScottA and nux95 for their description of this technique on plugincafe.com