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View Global Illumination

Global Illumination is a method of lighting/rendering that will greatly improve the realism of virtually any scene.  Global illumination does this by calculating bounce light, and light emanating from sources other than traditional scene lights.  Global illumination takes the initial lighting solution from the direct illumination pass, and then determines where light falls, and how light would then reflect off of, or bounce, from the surfaces which receive an initial light ray.  In addition to adding bounce lighting, global illumination can also modify the color of the bounced light based upon the color of the surface from which the light ray has bounced. There are numerous controls to fine tune the global illumination solution, as it can be computer intensive and slow.  In addition, animation can cause the lighting solution to flicker frame-to-frame when certain settings are used.  Therefore, there are special settings which help to minimize this flicker, or remove it altogether.