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Integration is a term used to describe the interchange of mesh data, image data, and forms of meta-data between applications within a content creation pipeline.  Integration is an important aspect of your workflow; you will not be using just one application from one vendor in this process.  You may already be familiar with different interchange formats such as OBJ or STL mesh formats; interchange is part of the integration process.  Other formats, such as FBX, will transport mesh data, motion data, UVs, cameras, lights and so on.  As versatile as it it, FBX is not a complete scene description (as all of the content creation applications utilize custom forms of data, or have aspects to them, that cannot be directly converted from one application to another.) Why mention this here?  Simple: to illustrate that integration is not perfect.  Vendors do their best to facilitate interchange between applications, but the process can only be taken so far.  The terms in this category define some of the common terms that you are likely to encounter when you deal with interchange or integration of applications in your pipeline.



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