Swordfish "Talos" - Animated Cables - Stable Meshes for Motion Blur

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  • Duration: 10:32
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  • Made with Release: 23
  • Works with Release: 23 and greater

In this Video we will add thickness to the Cables, in such a way, that we can properly save an interpolated Alembic file that can be rendered using Deformation Motion Blur. Initially, you would expect to do this by Sweeping the Splines, but that would cause issues with the Motion Blur and the Alembic File, so instead we will do it using the Spline Wrap deformer and a Cylinder. As a bonus, you will receive a small Python Tag, that allows a Connect Object with cloned Splines to drive a Spline, allowing for a much more streamlined workflow.
Finally, we will see how to create the core of the Cables.

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