Swordfish "Talos" - Animated Cables - Caching and Stable Meshes

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  • Duration: 09:56
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  • Made with Release: 23
  • Works with Release: 23 and greater

In this Video we will improve our Dynamic Control of the Spline Bunch, add some more animation, and then use a MoSpline in "Spline" mode, to resample the Splines so that when saving as Alembic, the point number will stay constant, so to avoid any issues with Motion Blur.
After Saving the Alembic file, we will use the cached splines to deform a cylinder, in a similar fashion to one of the previous videos using a Spline Wrap deformer, to generate a stable mesh.
Finally we will stabilize the mesh using a Rail spline to make it production ready and render using Motion Blur.

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