Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Sekani Solomon: Creating the Short ‘Hidden’ Using Cinema 4D

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Sekani Solomon discusses the creation of his short film “Hidden” and explains how he achieved several of the shots within the film. He explains how to animate shattered crystals with Cinema 4D’s Voronoi Fracture and MoGraph tools. He also shows how the Time Offset feature of MoGraph effectors can be used to animate growing flowers along a path, and how he used PoseMorph to wrap chains around a figure. Sekani discusses his use of Redshift Proxy to optimize rendering, and some of the techniques he used to render realistic skin in Redshift. He also talks about creating cloth effects in Marvelous Designer.

10:06Style Frames
12:38Crystal Voronoi Fracture
19:03Flowers - Cloner, Time Offset, Redshift Proxy
25:19Chains - PoseMorph
30:52Face - Skin Shading, Displacement and Compositng
35:51Cloth - Marvelous Designer

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