Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Matthäus Niedoba: Behind the Voxels: Bringing Volumes to Cinema 4D

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  • Duration: 45:53
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Matthäus Niedoba is a UX designer for MAXON who worked on the implementation of OpenVDB-based Volumes in Cinema 4D R20. In this live Siggraph 2018 presentation, Matthäus offers behind-the-scenes insight into the design and development process for Volumes and also shows some great examples of Volumes in multiple projects. You’ll see how Volumes can be use to easily model threads or a screwdriver, or even ice cream and cookies. Matthäus also shows how Volumes can be used in abstract designs - combining Voronoi Fracture and multiple Volume objects to create intertwined volumes, and using Fields to dissolve objects. You’ll also see how Volumes and C4D’s MoGraph toolset can easily create condensation drops on a soda or beer can.

01:47Modeling Threads with OpenVDB Volumens
05:11Modeling a Screwdriver with Volumes
12:51Creating a Cookie
17:34Design and Development of OpenVDB Volumes
23:50SDF vs Fog Volumes
27:00Volume Mesh Command / Retopo during Sculpting
29:07Volumes in Illustration - Ice Cream
31:46Combining Volumes in Abstract Designs
38:23Meshing and Dissolving Fields
40:48Dissolve Effect on Imported CAD model
42:35Condensation Drops on a Soda or Beer Can

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