Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Marti Romances: Simple MoGraph Techniques for FUI Design

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Marti Romances, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Territory Studio, shows how you can use Cinema 4D to create the FUI elements from your favorite films. Marti shows simple MoGraph setups that Territory has used to create Fictional User Interfaces seen in Avengers Infinity War, The Martian, Guardians of Galaxy and other films. He shows how Territory prepares various render passes for flexible compositing in After Effects and Nuke. Finally he shows how Cinema 4D was used design and develop the opening sequence from Ready Player One.

06:40Tracing Orbs (from Avengers Infinity War)
09:32Falloff Graphs (from the Martian)
17:06Step Effector and Time Offset (from Guardians of the Galaxy)
21:49Combining Techniques / Data Core Widget
28:51Creating a Vortex (from Avengers Infinity War)
31:00Preparing Render Passes
36:52Ready Player One

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